Big Tree State Park

Big tree state Park is in Calaveras county up Highway 4 just past the town of Arnold CA,

This State park features a grove of Giant sequoias which are among the tallest and largest living things on earth.  While not as tall as their cousin, the coastal redwoods, these trees boast a diameter of up to 30 feet!  The park has walkways that will take you through these groves and has a range of hikes to choose from. Some short and other more strenuous.  If this is your first time going, make sure you grab a visitors map , available at any of the map stations throughout the park. This pamphlet contains a guided walk that will give you the history behind each of the trees in the grove.

To see Big Trees on a map click here

More info on the park can be found here


A note on your visit:

  • There is an entrance fee  of $10…But its way worth it.